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Strong Creative Drive & Technical Expertise

Offering Services in 

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Illume's Goal is to provide Professional services to the clients in most personalized way. My Clients range from Corporate Businesses to Residential Owners.


Illume is committed to excellence and believe in principal involvement from concept to finish to assure you get the best solutions and services. We welcome new challenges and enjoy the exploration and research of unique materials and ideas.

Illume  offer Design Solutions for Commercial/Corporate and Residential Projects in

  • Interior Lighting Design

  • Exterior/Façade Lighting Design

  • Interior Design &  Color Consultancy

  • Landscape Design

Team Meeting


Illume Consulting Inc.  is founded by Samina Mehar, whose professional background, education and strong interest in arts has made her an expert collaborator, architectural imaginer and technical guru. These talents combine to help her create exemplary work portfolio in basically all genera of Design. For her size of project does not matter, the challenge of making the client happy is what matters most!! 

The launch of Illume Consulting  in COVID 19 times addresses and caters to new business realities. High quality professional services at reasonable rates and quick turn around time without infrastructural overheads are in high demand. Remote project management and hybrid models of virtual and onsite design services is  the wave of future that has just arrived.       


Creating spaces for people to work, live or play? Shaping landscapes or exterior nighttime environments? Managing your projects of any size and scope? Looking for expert day lighting analysis and design?   Need sustainable design strategies, energy code, LEED review or utility incentive advice? Not sure how we could help? Ask us.

Illume is always interested to hear from exceptional Lighting designers and project management professional to foster partnerships and join our team. We have a diverse international portfolio and we welcome outstanding individuals at all levels. 

If our work appeals to you and you are ready for a some extra challenge in a stimulating and positive environment, please contact us.  

Toll Free: 1-(833)- ILLUME1 


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