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Interior Design Services


This is a bold statement and perhaps it would be more accurate in saying that a bespoke interior design can help develop greater happiness at home or work space.  Thoughtful design solutions can solve an awful lot of health and emotional problems around the home or work spaces, often though some of the best solutions aren’t listed in catalogues or brochures, they’re created by imagination, innovation and design knowledge.  All developed by an experienced eye for space, design, ergonomics and style.

At Illume we specialize in providing superb affordable solutions to everyday interior design challenges.  Utilizing many years of experience, not to mention a vast amount of industry and product knowledge, we provide a fantastic service to solve an array of interior design issues.

Lockdown is tough for many reasons, as many of us are working and schooling from home, more than ever great interior design is key to happiness.

We’ve all made compromises during this pandemic, from social distancing, grocery shortages, lost jobs, loss of freedom and of course for many not being able to go to school or work.  These compromises have seen many and sometime quirky innovations and adaptations simply to make them work, let’s face it work and school under one roof is a big challenge.

The key to meeting these work meets school challenges is often innovation and great interior design.  No matter if you live in a semi-detached house, or an exclusive detached home, great interior design solutions can make working from home and home schooling a much easier experience.

How it Works

We believe that great design tells a story so tell us about yours. We have a ton of experience and we’re confident that together we can bring your vision to life.

Whether you need a few extra pieces for one room or need to furnish your entire home; office or commercial space, we can help.

1. Start

A bespoke and detailed approach

You’ll connect with a professional designer for a one-to-one consultation where we’ll discuss how we can help you. Our client briefing process means that we understand your goals from the offset and together we create solutions that work for you.


2. Design

No more guesswork

Your designer will present you with style, colour and product suggestions that reflect your taste, budget and home. A collaborative process where work with you to design and select everything you need.

Interior Designer

3. Develop

Design proposal and furniture selection

We select all of the furnishings you need from sofas ; desks, display units to artwork, incorporating any items you’d like to keep in the process.


4. Proposal

Here’s the magic

Your designer will provide room layouts, visuals and a shopping list that bring your project to life.

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