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Professional Services

Project Management

With a clear focus on meeting client expectations, our goal is to deliver quality projects on time and on budget using the right tools and the right people. Illume Consulting specializes in providing Design, Project Control, Project Management, and Contract Management services to municipalities, large corporations, educational facilities and commercial projects. Our services are valuable at any phase of a projects’ life, from project initiation through to execution and commissioning.


Our experienced project managers perform integration management to provide comprehensive project delivery solutions, including day-to-day involvement and direction and proven technical skills, to facilitate a consistent and productive relationship between our clients, the design and construction teams.

Contract Management

We consider Contract management as specialized project management where each sub-project in a project life cycle is considered as a mini-project. It has a unique goal, consumes resources, has a beginning and end date, and requires coordination and planning of relevant activities, as well as documentation in a contract file throughout the process.

Contract management services at Illume include monitoring and documenting  performance. In all situations, the assigned Contract compliance expert  is responsible for following up and ensuring that the actions of the supplier and the client company are in line with the contractual responsibilities, that the contract is amended to reflect agreed changes in circumstances, and that any claim or dispute is resolved amicably according to the terms of the contract.

  • Contract/ Tender management

  • Project Management

  • Development of Project RFI and RFPs

  • Specification Development and Scope Management

  • Dispute management and Resolution

  • Financial Management

  • Performance monitoring & measurement

  • Standards Development and Compliance Management

  • Report Writing

  • GIS Consulting

Project Management

Sustainability & Energy 


Illume Consulting Inc. is  passionate about creating a sustainable future. We believe that our collective efforts and our passion for sustainable design can have a positive impact on the environment and the future of our communities.

Sustainable building design should also focus on finding ways to optimize existing infrastructure. By focusing on revitalizing and optimizing existing infrastructure, building owners can realize an array of benefits that not only help reduce their impact on the environment, but also help increase their bottom line.

As a sustainable design advocate , our commitment to environmental responsibility includes analyzing energy efficiency, reducing life cycle costs and facilitating various green building certifications. Our goal is to reduce, minimize and ultimately eliminate the carbon footprint of vertical infrastructures by providing our clients with integrated design solutions for new and existing buildings while implementing responsible solutions that take into account economic, social and environmental issues.

  • Energy Benchmarking

  • Application for Government Rebates

  • LEED Project Management- Documentation Management

  • Presentation and Communication

  • Coordination for Energy Inspections

  • LED Retrofit Project Consultancy                                                                                                        

Sustainability & Energy Management
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